The Battle of the Shirone Giant Kite -白根大凧合戦- 

Niigata city is located at the mouth of the Shinano River,

the longest river in Japan.

With the melting of the winter snow,

Niigata attracts visitors with festivals held from spring to summer,

with the famed Shirone Giant Kite Battle held in Niigata’s Shirone District.


The Shirone Giant Kite Battles take place on the banks of the  Nakanokuchi River,

a tributary of the Shinano River that runs through the Echigo Plains.

Legend goes that about 300 years ago,

during the Edo period,

locals were celebrating a river dike improvement when a man flying a kite on the Shirone riverside crashed it in a farm on the other side of the river.

The farm owner retaliated by crashing his kite on the opposite riverbank.

Fighting with the world’s largest kites,

each the size of 24 tatami mats (approximately 7 x 5 meters),

opponents pull on the other kites until the strings snap.


It’s an exciting battle you cannot miss!!

The Shirone Giant Kite Battles take place on the banks of the  Nakanokuchi River.

From Tokyo , take the Joetsu Shinkansen to Tsubame-sanjo. In Niigata,and about 30minute by car from the station.

Hours & Fees

■Battle of  Kite


Jun 1-5,2017 13:00-


Free (sidewalk seating)

Reserved seats (500 yen)

■Shirone Kite Museum (白根大凧と歴史の館)


9:00 to 17:00


the 2nd and 4th Wednesday

December 28 to January 3


400 yen(adult)

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